AUSZUG | eb - Elektrische Bahnen INT 2/2015

INT 2/2015 B 2580 INTERNATIONAL Elektrische Bahnen Railway Electrification Editorial Steffen Röhlig, Chief Editor Focus Citybanan – new railway tunnel for the local traffic in Stockholm Railway converters from Europe for the railways worldwide Rail Power Supply Static frequency converters – world’s first application for 50 Hz/50 Hz Traction power converters 50Hz / 50Hz Analysing frequency components of rail traction current load profile as a function of rail operations Contact Lines Technical Specification Energy 2015 – Harmonized design of overhead contact lines TSI Energy 2015 – reference parameters for overhead contact lines Tensioning devices for overhead contact lines – quo vadis? Tensioning devices based on wheel assemblies for overhead contact lines Overhead contact line type N-FL of Swiss rail – extension of application The Great Western Electrification in Southern England Projects AC traction power supply for India’s metro lines